Which has comparable symptoms to PTSD but completely different treatment.

Children who experience trauma much more likely to have behavior and learning problems New research shows that children’s risk for learning and behavior problems and obesity rises in correlation to their level of trauma exposure, says the psychiatrist at the Stanford University School of Medicine and Lucile Packard Children’s Medical center who oversaw the analysis. The results could encourage physicians to consider diagnosing post-traumatic stress disorder instead of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, which has comparable symptoms to PTSD but completely different treatment informations utiles .


Occasional raises in these hormones are defensive, but excessively high or prolonged exposures, such as for example those experienced by children exposed to ACEs, can be harmful. Wing expectations this scholarly study, and others like it, will underscore the complicated causes of asthma, allowing clinicians to better target preventative medicines and other interventions. Doctors taking care of children with asthma should take time to enquire about the child's home scenario, said Wing. For children experiencing stressors in the home, encouraging efforts to increase the child's capacity for handling stressors, using strategies such as individual or family therapy, may help focus on pediatric asthma.