Was one of 7 practice-based research systems awarded this full 12 months.

CWRU School of Medication receives grant to fund a Public Health Practice Based Research Network CWRU is among only 12 systems in the country to help improve solutions to the publicCase Western Reserve University School of Medication has received a Robert Hardwood Johnson grant to invest in a Public Health Practice Based Study Network called The Ohio Research Association for Public Health Improvement . The grant, $90,000 over 2 yrs, was one of 7 practice-based research systems awarded this full 12 months, making the educational school of Medicine one of just 12 networks in the united states www.decanoate300.com . With increasing threats to public health and security from emerging attacks such as H1N1, weather change, and infections spread through the meals chain, the need for public health is greater and more visible than ever, stated Scott Frank, MD, MS, Co-Principal Investigator, Director of the CWRU SOM Grasp of Public Wellness Program, and Health Commissioner for Shaker Heights, Ohio.


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