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However a lot of us do not grasp what cancer is really. Often, it really is portrayed as an alien invader intent on destroying us from within. Nevertheless, while organisms such as for example viruses just like the superbug Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus prey on us for the nice of their very own kind, cancer differs: it comes from our very own flesh and bloodstream. The cells of a cancers, which can upsurge in number to the real point whenever we are eventually struggling to fight them off, are our very own cells.The main causes of enzyme depletion consist of: • Pesticides and chemicals • Hybridization and genetic engineering • Bovine growth hormones • Pasteurization • Irradiated food • Excess intake of hydrogenated and unsaturated fats • Cooking at high temperatures • Microwaving • Radiation and electromagnetic fields • Geopathic stress zones • Fluoridated water • Heavy metals • Mercury amalgam dental care fillings • Root canals Health issues due to enzyme deficiencies Because of their critical part in a variety of functions in the body, enzyme deficiencies can cause many medical symptoms, and many of them can end up being traced back to the type of enzymes depleted.