To our knowledge this is the first study.

To our knowledge this is the first study, the direct impact of laptop use on human sperm Ex vivo exposure of human spermatozoa a wireless a WLAN. Connected laptop decreased motility and induced DNA fragmentation by a non-thermal effect. We speculate that keeping a laptop internet internet on the lap near the testes may in decreased male fertility more result in vitro and in vivo studies are needed to prove this.

‘Our data suggest that the use of a laptop computer internet internet and positioned near the male may may decrease human sperm present we do not know whether this effect is associated with all the laptops Wi-Fi to the Internet induces or what use conditions increase this effect. ‘The authors conducted a separate test, to determine what the EM radiation connected connected near a Wi-Fi laptop and non – Wi-Fi. – – when the computer is not connected to Wi-Fi EM radiation readings were ‘negligible ‘.Hens have fed a high-quality, balanced nutrition feeding mainly from corn, soybean meal and vitamins and minerals. Fowl diet specialists analyze the feed to make to said natural nutrients hens will need to stay healthy included in their diet. Nutrition researcher at the Iowa State University is compiling a report to outline potential reasons for the natural acceptance of the cholesterol in eggs.. Doctor Jacob sized eggs have 14 %age less cholesterol and 64 per cent higher levels of vitamin E.

Cracking Egg mythThrough the years the Americans needless shied removed from eggs – spite of their flavor, convenience & Nutrition – fear of cholesterol. Low – over 40 years of research healthy adults healthy adults can to enjoy egg without significant effects on this risk of heart diseases.