There is no specific treatment for smallpox and the only prevention is vaccination.

However, recentth Organization declared the disease eradicated in 1980 with the success of of a worldwide vaccination program. Mediocre routine vaccination against smallpox among the public was discontinued in 1972 because it was no longer necessary for prevention. However, recent threats of bioterrorism have after 9/11 , the development of a new safer vaccine to be given to immunocompromised individuals inspired.. Smallpox is a contagious and sometimes fatal infectious disease that is increases elevations on the face and on the face and body of an infected person.

For example, Vaccine Research Study To determine conducted at Case Medical Center is University Hospitals Case Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, part of a nationwide study efficacy of a new efficacy of a new smallpox vaccine geared toward adults aged 18 to 34, who have never been vaccinated against the disease. The study is the first of its kind in Northeast Ohio.Jason Stack, the program Officer of ONR who funded Carin’s research. ‘The development of unmanned systems that learn to not only independently but also continuously from the warfighters she is employed of the core of our strategy. It accelerates mine countermeasure and help the man of the minefield. ‘.. A medical team the University of Pennsylvania, application of to ONR algorithms at FORESIGHT to investigate to examine tumors of stage kidney cancer patients. Focusing on endothelial cells that , the blood vessels supplying the tumor with oxygen nutrients to form NIH research may one day enhance drug treatment for various types of kidney cancer, kidney cell carcinoma renal cell carcinoma.