The traditional treatment of cornual pregnancy.

The traditional treatment of cornual pregnancy, surgical removal of cornual ectopic tissue is offering, as this is a very vascular area, bleeding during surgery hysterectomy hysterectomy necessary. However, even if the uterus is preserved, there is an increased risk of uterine rupture in a future pregnancy. Gynecologists and surgeons for other ways seek to treat the condition.

Professor Neil McClure, TOG editor-in-chief said:’ectopic pregnancy remains a significant cause of death in young women by breaking An ectopic pregnancy requires quick, decisive action’A cornual ectopic pregnancy presented late and the consequences. The rupture of the uterus are more devastating than the frequent breakage of the pipe. – ‘Better tests for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy have facilitated the introduction of newer and less invasive laparoscopic and medical approaches to the treatment of such ectopic pregnancies and thus helping to preserve a woman ‘s ability after for this condition.’.References Diels IJ. The 2nd of bisphosphonates on bone pains and quality of life of breast with bone metastasis: Post a Review. Support Care Cancer. 2007: 15:1243-1249.

Bone Metastases: Impact and Prevalenceskeletal metastases, cancer cells that separated by tumor and hike in bone tissues where they grow and, into more than 1.5 million people worldwide occur By improvements in in cancer care. Including earlier detection and the new treatment options to bone increases the survival rates will increasing the number of patient risk of metastasis secondary to primary cancer. Bone metastases a serious problem for patients with certain types from advanced cancer, with an incidence almost 100 per cent into myeloma patients and higher than 75 % in breast and prostate cancer patients.