The monkey was then to orient his gaze to a visual stimulus is required factores de riesgo.

The researchers recorded the neuronal responses with microelectrodes the primary the primary visual cortex of a rhesus monkey. The monkey was then to orient his gaze to a visual stimulus is required. The time for the neurons in the visual cortex to the stimulus, or latency response taken was recorded factores de riesgo . Barone and colleagues then measured the latency when the visual stimulus by a tone that was accompanied from the same location. When the optical signal was strong, ie, a high contrast of the auditory stimulus did not affect latency but weaker when the visual signal, that is low contrast reduces latency of 5-10 percent, suggesting weaker signal.way the auditory stimulus speeds up the response of the visual stimulus. ‘Our results show that single neurons from a primary sensory cortex can integrate information from another sensory modality ‘, the researchers say. They suggest that the auditory cue is processed faster than the visual stimulus, and because the monkeys have learned to associate that sound and sight, the visual cortex is primed to perceive the weaker signal. ‘Our results argue against a strict hierarchical model of sensory integration in the brain and the integration of multiple senses should be added to the list of functions of the primary visual cortex.

Integration of sensory stimuli has been traditionally thought of as hierarchical, in which areas of the brain known, the signals from different regions of the brain as the cortical layer But different stimuli. But the recent discovery of nerve cells of the auditory cortex directly in the visual cortex, suggesting that the perception could influence a the other the other, without the involvement from higher brain areas. Suggesting or visual auditory responses in the primary visual cortex are highly probable in the presence of direct projections from the primary auditory cortex ‘, explain P. Barone and colleagues from the Centre for Brain and Cognition Research, Toulouse, France. ‘We. The modulation of neuronal visual responses in primary visual cortex by auditory stimuli in an awake monkey ‘.

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