The beneficial effect of pioglitazone was consistent regardless of age.

There were four adverse events in the pioglitazone treated group, including three patients who required coronary revascularization. There were 10 adverse events in the glimepiride-treated group, including eight which coronary revascularization coronary revascularization. – ‘Additional data must be brought to bear,’said Mazzone, ‘but this is very helpful for the hypothesis that pioglitazone could be a useful, novel approach novel approach for the management of cardiovascular risk in patients with diabetes ‘is.. The beneficial effect of pioglitazone was consistent regardless of age, sex, duration of diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar control.The study also indicates the cardiovascular – clinical events monitors.

New chapter whole new chapter in mycobacteriology Now we can perhaps understand, ‘ hibernate ‘ as mycobacteria and cause latent infections, says Leif Kirsebom.. A new chapter in the fight against tuberculosis opened by unexpected discoveryA close relative of the microorganism that causes tuberculosis in humans found spores spores. This is a sensational discovery, long been long been convinced kind of bacteria kind of bacteria – the mycobacteria – incapable spores were. Leif Kirsebom research group at Uppsala University now has photographic proof, obtained while working with the bacteria that causes tuberculosis in fish, this this long-held conviction. Their discovery, which has attracted much attention, might pose by other scientists, a new twist in the fight against human tuberculosis.Informed of previously – disclosed U.S. Department of Justice inquiry relating to VIOXX .

Merck & Co. Report that advises a letter from the U.S. Attorney for the District to the Massachusetts the enterprise received in that is a goal of a previously disclosed federal grand jury of ‘s examination. The investigation has applies to activities associated with Vioxx a drug to Merck voluntarily withdrawn from the market in 2004. The company. Already a in the investigations under way underway since 2004 in a variety of filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Merck has responded and is to inquiries by of U.S. Attorney’s Office for documents and information related to to ongoing investigations to respond.