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31 August 2009.e part of of producers that ensure their products to major the quality of their ingredients to want to to show their clients. USP is well and offers useful tools for enabling interested parties to easily check on new stevia sweeteners and committed numerous other food ingredients. ‘.. ‘taken these new reference standards, with the written standards the FCC, is a powerful tool to ensure the authenticity of the ingredients manufacturers in their new stevia-based product lines using,’said James Griffiths, vice president of food, dietary supplement and excipient standards for USP.

The new reference standards have been carefully reviewed and approved by USP Reference Standards Expert Committee, a group of independent volunteer experts their suitability for their suitability for the use of the written FCC testing standard for high-purity Rebaudioside A is expected to be published 31 August 2009. Be.USA Today Outpatient operations In Free-Standing Facilities carried out, Report Finds.

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