States an editorial in CMAJ.

Kale. Although a female has a to information regarding herself that pertains to her health and health care, the sex of the fetus can be medically irrelevant info and will not affect care. Research in Canada shows that using ethnic groups, couples who have two daughters no son choose to abort female fetuses until they can have a male kid. A small US study of 65 immigrant Indian females indicated that 40 percent finished earlier pregnancies with female fetuses and 89 percent of women with woman fetuses terminated their current pregnancies.Therefore, cutting on the overall fat intake will keep the disease away possibly. Benign polyps which grow from the inner layers of the rectum and colon can become malignant over time. Therefore, if benign polyps are detected, they need to be removed immediately to accomplish away with the possibility of cancerous growth.Chronic ulcerative colitis may lead to colorectal cancer over time. Ulcerative colitis causes swelling of the inner lining of the colon and rectum that may lead to cancerous growth over a period of eight to a decade.