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Senator Stabenow, along with 18 of her Senate colleagues, sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Expressing its deep concern and disappointment over proposal CMS. Senator Stabenow wrote, groups, has been drawn tightly and unlike Congress to clear intent prescription medication . – The letter went on to say that excluding provider – based companies, including Henry Ford Health System would punish some of the nation’s pioneers of EMR use, the University of Michigan Medical School and the Faculty Practice, the Billings Clinic, of the Cleveland Clinic, Innovis Health and Geisinger Health System, among many others. Senator Stabenow asked Secretary Sebelius CMS instruct make clear intention Congress in the final version of the rule to follow to ensure that the provider – based unit were physicians for EMR incentive payments. Donald W. AMGA President and CEO, commented, AMGA Senator Stabenow honors for her leadership on this issue and its efforts to make sure to qualify some of the country’s finest health care providers EMR receive incentive payments as Congress originally intended. Many of the medical groups, benefits, includingf Senator Stabenow was benefiting champion in the EMR adoption and should be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. .

The DMC primary charge is to ensure that the study in an ethical manner, the participant shall not disclose undue risk is conducted. Leukemia and lymphomahe DMC monitors the quality and overall conduct of the study and examined whether to recommend that the sponsor modify or stop an ongoing study, or whether further information on the review request. The DMC for the Phase III StemEx study by an independent group of medical and scientific experts evaluated the safety and efficacy data from participating sites to assess study treatment benefit the participants. The DMC had no safety concerns and recommended that the further delineation of the study. Yael Margolin, president and chief executive officer of Gamida Cell, commented: This is another important milestone that the DMC data data and the continuation of the Phase III clinical trial of StemEx Sun we will continue with this green light. Bring enrolling patients in the study with plans to StemEx be to the market in 2011. We hope that today’s news will help to StemEx StemEx as a investigational treatment for patients with leukemia and lymphoma with their doctors keep. .

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