Proteins and sugars are bacteria.

To Dr. Thompson is a way to consistently against the common bacteria in search of proteins on the surface looking of all Campylobacter strains to immunize to as the basis for a vaccine found. Proteins and sugars are bacteria, bacteria, the body’s immune system generating a response, he said.

‘Most of these infections run their course, and the patient are okay,’he said. But weeks later, some people with certain unidentified strains of bacteria develop Guillain-Barre? Syndrome.Normally, individual neuroligin interacting with specific neurexin partners in the synaptic adhesions are involved, mediate tackiness which associating they and form synapses, have the ability to have the capacity for neurotransmission. False partnering at these different protein families formed when associate a mutated neuroligin correctly to the synapses, prevents normal transferring failure of brain cells.