MD There is still debate as to whether cell phones damage the brain.

This scholarly study carried out on 47 people during a 50-minute call, provides garnered some interesting results on human brain activity. During one scan, a cellular phone linked to a muted call was attached to participants’ right ear; during the other, these were phone-free. When the telephone was fired up, participants experienced a 7 % increase in the price of glucose fat burning capacity. Dr. Keith L. That should include further research. Within an editorial accompanying the scholarly research, University of Washington bioengineer Henry Lai and Swedish oncologist Lennart Hardell wrote that the analysis raises questions that are potentially worrisome..High technology versus acne For non-OTC choices of fighting acne, one promising choice is phototherapy. Here, the affected area of the pores and skin is exposed to noticeable light, either violet or red. This short wavelength lighting appears to generate a reaction from the P. Acnes bacteria wherein, over a matter of days of phototherapy treatment the bacterias ceases to survive. Consequently, the acne condition clears up with no known serious side-effects for the patient. Another high technology answer for acne circumstances is through the use of lasers.