Markos Kyrpianou.

Outbreaks like SARS in 2003 and avian influenza in 2004 has shown how quickly such diseases can spread internationally.highly with the resurgence of HIV / AIDS in Europe and precaution against a possible influenza pandemic on EU health ministers agenda ECDC is seen as playing a crucial role in delivering the EU health agenda. Markos Kyrpianou, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection decision decision. Mrs Jakab has an impressive track record in international public health agencies cooperation. I’m sure they will ECDC with the leadership it needs to start their activities and provide care to their reputation. .

The post of Director of the ECDC in the Official Journal in the Official Journal of the EU and in the press in August and early September Thirty-five applications received was with candidates from a wide range of EU countries, the European Commission responsible for. Assessment of the application and after a rigorous process of interviews and screening presents it the ECDC Management Board with a list of three candidates.Safety and tolerance resultsA security review HCV-796 in conjunction with Peg-IFN has been completed. Combination with HCV-796 turned out to be generally well tolerated. Rash safety profile supports the evaluation of HCV-796 the studies of longer duration.

Final the safety and tolerability data shows that HCV-796 generally good tolerate when the peg-IFN included. Adverse events were generally with familiar effects of interferons. No dose-limiting across the area over the range of HCV-796 study doses.. – No dose-limiting toxicities over the region of over the range of studies doses. 1b study in twice daily peg-IFN displays clinical for antiviral activity which is greater than that of HCV-796 or PEG IFN in all dose in all dose groups and tested HCV genotypes.