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Contact:.. Yet Dr. Lagattuta found, participants of all ages, even 4 – year-olds that people are well – lasting feeling of rules when the rule itself , rather than one of the parents had to make it memorable. – ‘These findings have implications for research on theory of mind and moral reasoning, as well as practical applications for educators and parents,’Lagattuta said. ‘Firstly, aged between 4 and 7 children increasingly recognize that emotional satisfaction is not only by immediate wish fulfillment marked but also but also by obligations of rules and by consideration of possible future consequences. – ‘From a practical standpoint, these data methods increase correspond to children ‘s willingness to beat, that believe children that people feel happiest exhibiting willpower when they have a rule that they remembered followed by itself, you need to focus the importance of the rule, and to demonstrate compliance, successfully avoid successfully avoid a negative result or ensure a more positive future ‘.

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