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‘If you have been thinking about smoking, which is a really good time to do it,’said Haller.Smoking is known to be harmful for your health for a number of reasons, but it can also catch the flu more likely.Keep clean your hands one way to avoid the problem, but keep them away from your face is may only be a question of will.With dish can keep any viruses on your hands, from travel in the mouth.As many studies have shown, not everyone goes through the same efforts to go to her hands clean, but if it can mean little more caution on your side, there may be little to do against this. – ‘The main thing is just for that are their own hands ‘clean, Haller said.

Your attitude your attitude, Fryhofer recommends having something in your hand so that you can greet without offending.Your rubbing your eyes or nose , and Chew are all ways are all ways your hands to come in contact with eyes, nose and mouth – and they all should be avoided.Do non-biological detergents your undergarments and sure that all the washing agent is rinsed out. If you are using chemicals trace or potential removal of irritants in your hands, wash them before or using the facilities.. Physicians should well carefully examine the Haut for every dermatosis in a position genital participation.

The prepuce ( (withdrawn subjected to the glans is exposed. The range should to be washed thoroughly and carefully with warm water. Are irritating as soap, it should not be used. Nonbiological cream or a different neutral non-soap cleaning agent can be used – but it should be rinsed completely. Prior to changing the foreskin of to glans should be completely dry.

Unprotected sex – when the woman has vaginal thrush can infected male, so the risk the development of balanitis. Genital herpes, chlamydia, and syphilitic is also lead balanitis. Diagnostics Balanitis Balanitis is quite simple for diagnosing. O BP can by detecting by detecting the reddening of and inflammation of the glans. The physician may consult the patient for in. Potential irritants and the practices of good hygiene. Physicians should any questions about adolescent and adult patients on every latex condoms.