I local recurrence increases the risk of breast cancer fatalities.

‘I – local recurrence increases the risk of breast cancer fatalities, but the good news is that the use of radiotherapy and tamoxifen reduced , that the risk for women with DCIS and the overall long-term prognosis is very good for women who undergo breast-conserving surgery ‘.

Head researcher, Thomas Julian said:’women can be reassured with DCIS that they not be treated if their prescribes prescribes radiation therapy in addition to a lumpectomy , a clear advantage in preventing tumor recurrence displayed this study. After a group of women over 15 years, provides valuable information about the progression of this disease. ‘.The talks.ard Cancer Res: Public / Private Partnerships – The NCI Science Writer the seminaryAsbru003e Please check back for a science writers’ seminar public / private partnerships in cancer research to discuss. Among the topics discussed the the industrialized new medicines new drugs, cancer vaccine designed development and business barrier, develop the work with small company to, new technologies to cancer on collected in its early stages, and intellectual property rights and technology transfer matters relating at of new genetic tests.