Guatemala reported on Thursday.

Guatemala reported on Thursday, the country’s first death from H1N1 – a 35 – year-old man, the Times of India reported. Brazil Health Ministry reported on Sunday a 50 – year-old man died of H1N1, still the country’s first death from the virus, reports the news agency Reuters (Ewing, Reuters.

The country’s first Vaccine Advisory Committee considers response to H1N1 spreadThe first batches of the Chinese version of the antiviral Tamiflu – the drug shown to be effective in reducing the severity and spread of came from the production in Shanghai H1N1 on Friday, Xinhua / Shanghai Daily reported. The drugs has passed the appropriate quality tests and begins to be administered in an effort spread of the virus spread of the virus, the newspaper reports (Xinhua / Shanghai Daily.Reference: Number of PH et al. The relation between sales of SSRIs, TCAs and suicide rate is in the Nordic region. BMC Psychiatry 2010.