For $13 million in cash as an initial price.

Our current customers are interested in materials framework and mechanical property romantic relationships, and with almost a 50 percent overlap between CETR’s customers and our very own, we are delighted to include CETR technology to our common offering, said Tag R. Munch, Ph.D., President of the Bruker Nano Areas division. I am confident that the synergistic combination of CETR core competencies with our personal AFM, optical and stylus instrumentation experience will increase our market penetration while allowing our global clients to continually advance their research and items.This comment needs to be one of the most insanely scientifically illiterate comments yet made about Air travel 370, by any news resource. It’s a lot more preposterous than the idea that Flight 370 may have been plucked out from the sky by aliens. Why? As the aliens theory reaches least physically possible predicated on advanced alien technology a million years ahead of our own, while the ‘black hole’ description is complete bunk because the entire planet could have been sucked in to the black hole . Not to end up being outdone by the remarkable ignorance of Don Lemon, Mary Schiavo, former Inspector General for the U.S. Division of Transport, added this phenomenal gem: ‘A little black hole would suck in our entire universe, therefore we know it isn’t that.’ I’m still trying to figure out which of these comments is more stupid.