Due to the scale of the disaster.

‘Due to the scale of the disaster, which affected 46 million people, it is important that we are the children who have been made vulnerable continue for infectious diseases like measles protect,’said David Meltzer, senior vice president of International Services, said for the American Red Cross. ‘By supporting these activities, we will ensure that millions of children receive life-saving vaccinations the to the health infrastructure in the affected region to restore. ‘.

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(.. The American Medical Association has officially sold his collective soul to the corporate farm press with the announcement recently discovered that they modified which labeling obligation for genetically engineered compared foods. While the same groups mentioned for ‘pre-market security assessments ‘of GM foods, they on one side denied the need for for a honest food labeling or some kind of distinction from bioengineered foods and natural foods. – The announcement of had many, including the mainstream media, mistaken, she admits, contradictory for BER should be tested ‘a preventive measure to the health of the population ‘, and at the same time disputes that distinction GMO is.