Days without problems.

– At home, keep your child away from other people in the house. – Do not take your child on airplanes or buses, and do not send your child to school, nursery school, church or other public places until your child without fever and off medications that treatment of fever, such as Tylenol or Advil for at least 24 hours.. Days without problems.nts: What to do when your child has flu-like symptomsmy child has H1N1 Flu?The symptoms of H1N1 flu are similar to the symptoms of regular flu. Your child may have a fever , as well as – headaches – sore throat – Body aches and extreme fatigue () – cough, runny nose – vomiting and diarrhea2 What should I do if I think it is H1N1?Do not frighten – Most cases of the flu cause mild illness and do not require hospitalization.

– If rapid breathing or trouble breathing – Has bluish skin color – Is not drink enough liquids – Is not waking up or not interacting with people as usual – very irritable.Merchant and gentlemen isolated leucocytes from blood from American Gators and Your active proteins.

While the best way seasonal influenza seasonal flu is to be vaccinated, give Cincinnati Children Physicians and which American Academy of Pediatrics , the following tips to the propagation of the spread of Influenza Virus:.