CTS to present latest self-service innovations at CETW tradeshow Connected Technology Solutions.

Currently more than 5 million individuals have used CTS health care kiosks to save time and with more personal privacy. High-influence Retail Digital Signage successfully communicates, economically and in environmentally-responsible ways. Store promotions, special events and more can be updated in real time via wireless connections. CTS may also be showing its award-winning Kids Activity kiosk created for Burger King, along with ‘TheTree,’ the most uncommon kiosk being exhibited at CETW.The CTS kiosk designed for the Idaho Department of Transportation allows truckers to access roadway information, print permits, and find out about regulations.These are biological processes, as soon as we understand what is certainly going on fully, we might be able to sluggish or prevent it, said Kathy Magnusson, a neuroscientist in the OSU Division of Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medication, and professor in the Linus Pauling Institute. There could be ways to impact it with diet, wellness habits, continuing mental activity or medicines even. The processes are complex. In a study simply published in the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers found that one protein that stabilizes receptors in a young animal – a good thing conducive to learning and storage – can have just the contrary effect if there's an excessive amount of it within an older animal. But complexity aside, improvement is being made. In recent analysis, backed by the National Institutes of Wellness, OSU scientists used a genetic therapy in laboratory mice, when a virus helped carry complementary DNA into suitable cells and restored some GluN2B subunits.