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As to who will be required to pay for the added vaccinations, if parents are not able, it appears that, according to Wellness Impact News, the responsibility shall be shifted to California taxpayers. The expenses says parents are not financially viable, so taxpayers will have to pay for it, Paulo Sibaja, director of legislation at the Capitol Resource Institute, told medical news site. We’re still attempting to calculate the cost. But the cost will be 50 % from the constant state, 50 % from the federal government.The service was timely in reporting the assault and includes a good compliance history, said Randy Kuykendall, director of the agency’s health facilities and crisis medical services division. The section is responsible for licensing assisted living services. The department discovered Atria Applewood acted in other cases properly, including one a July 2012 case in which a female in her 80s threw an object at another resident and a case this past year in which a man in his 70s pushed a lady resident in her 80s, causing her to fall.