But University of Florida researchers have found the opposite is true.

Pesticides may be responsible for reproductive abnormalitiesA farm irrigation canal would be a healthier place for toads than a ditch by a supermarket parking lot.But University of Florida researchers have found the opposite is true. In a study with far reaching implications for a longstanding debate over whether agricultural chemicals pose a threat to amphibians, have UF found zoologist that toads rare in suburban areas are reproductive system reproductive system abnormalities than toads near farms – where some had both testes and ovaries. – As you increase agriculture, said Lou Guillette, a distinguished professor of zoology, you have an increasing number of anomalies.

Because we know what chemicals are used in these agricultural sites pin down, we pin down the chemical cause of these abnormalities by conducting controlled experiments with each chemical alone and in combination, she said.The efforts made are trying will encourage Hispanic In order to Bone / stem cell donors, increasing the number of Hispanic children in clinical trials, others questions.

A research article from 21 Publish April 2010 in the World Journal of Gastroenterology addresses this issue. The team around Dr. Takao Itoi performed by the Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Tokyo Medical University, the records stars out of 145 patients with branch canal IPMN between January 1991 and April 2008 and evaluated the relationship between IPMN and intra-or extra – pancreatic cancer and the outcome of the IPMN.