Body mass index.

– The complex relation between BMI and mortality, says Kate Storey, registered dietitian and author of the review document Weighing the question: What is the real key to longevity? Further measures such as body composition and waist circumference, in combination with BMI may better predict and reflect the complex relationship between overweight / obesity and mortality. You have maintain longevity in the context of health, added Storey A healthy weight does not guarantee a longer life, health or longevity guarantee While longevity is a complex issue, lifestyle behaviors such as eating well ,, are concrete steps in the right direction to a long and healthy life..

Butrb diets really effective in reducing weight?The Atkins Diet, the Zone Diet, the South Beach Diet and The Flat Belly Diet were all found in great search engine traffic so far in 2009.Low-carbohydrate diets work by foods that cause the greatest insulin response in the body. But they also provide adequate protein and fat for energy. Since insulin is a hormone that fat storage fat storage and prevents the burning of fat, lowers insulin levels by carbohydrate intake can be very effective in helping people to access their stored fat and help them lose pounds and inches.The story of the controlling of the food industry to the world , which started by the then U.S. Government of 1973 under President Nixon through the introduction of of ‘Food for Peace ‘program, which was taken through Henry Kissingen Nixons Minister for Foreign Affairs and National Security Adviser*. Following the New African Magazine, Kissinger controlled perfectly to U.S. Foreign policy and summarized its activities as ‘Control oil and you control peoples of, control of foods and you control the humans.’His idea was of acquisition the worldwide the food industry started implementing of what called the gene revolutionary.[ end of the article excerpt]..

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