Blue hearing disease has recently infected 290.

Another outbreak was reported by This month Vietnam of blue ear canal disease in Khanh Hoa and Ca Mau provinces, in August following an outbreak in the central area which infected 60 after declaring it eradicated the disease,000 pigs. There is growing concern among worldwide epidemiologists about the possible mutations of the condition in southern China, where human beings, chickens and pigs live in close proximity in sizzling, humid weather. In the face of skepticism on the part of many Western experts Chinese officials continue to deny they possess covered up the extent of the pig disease and say there are strict rules on the reporting of epidemics and their disclosure.Your hair may grow white and thin. There are instances where stubs stick to the scalp also. Whatever is your condition, there is absolutely no permanent treatment for the trouble. Diagnosis Dermatologists make use of various ways of diagnose Alopecia areata. Sometimes, looking at the condition will be confirmed simply by the hair. The doctor might even grab a few hairs and inspect them under a microscope. Biopsy is another type of diagnosis. Here, a bit of epidermis is taken to execute a thorough study in to the cause of your disease.