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Gov. Dark brown declared a drought emergency for the condition last month. And, the right times said, despite just a little moisture in a few elements of the state recently, the drought information has only worsened in the couple of weeks since he made his announcement. This is the most serious drought we’ve faced today, said Felicia Marcus, chairwoman of the State Water Resources Control Panel, as reported by The Associated Press. We have to conserve what small we have to use later in the year, or in potential years even. Calls to cut usage by 20 % Currently, state reservoir levels are lower than they were in 1977, that was the last time the continuing state went through such a major drought.Focus on the contract will be carried out in Atlanta and at several CDC sites nationwide in addition to in around 50 countries around the world.

CPRIT grants $3.7M to Rice University experts to fund cancer diagnostics program McDevitt lab developing innovative tumor diagnosticsThe Cancer Avoidance and Research Institute of Texas offers granted $3.7 million to Rice University researchers to fund an innovative cancer diagnostics program. The funds can help the BioScience Analysis Collaborative laboratory overseen by John McDevitt, Rice’s Brown-Wiess Professor in Bioengineering and Chemistry, in its objective to make the Texas Medical Center the hub for diagnostics research into cancer and various other diseases. The work is manufactured possible by McDevitt’s development of a cost-effective Bio-Nano-Chip that may provide patients with early warning of the onset of disease, cutting enough time and price of treatment.