Are flame retardants poisoning Calif.

As the products break down over time, they can discharge PBDEs into people’s homes by means of dust, research co-author Asa Bradman, an environmental scientists at the University of California at Berkeley, said. And scientists understand that if you have persistent pollutants in dust, they get into children. That might not be a very important thing for children’s wellness. Evidence keeps growing that PBDEs could be toxic to the liver, thyroid, and brain, according to the Environmental Protection Company.Canola oil is a product of meals technology Peanut oil comes from peanuts, and soybean oil comes from soybeans, but there is no such point a canola. Canola is usually a marketing name produced from Canadian-oil. Canola oil originates from the rapeseed plant , and is one of the mustard family members whose famous people include broccoli and turnips. As we realize it today, canola oil may be the consequence of the hybridization and genetic modification of the rapeseed plant to breed of dog out its undesirable flavor and its own hazards to health.