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Caring Online offers informative and comprehensive internet site on adult eating disorders Are you aware that eating disorders affect a lot more than 10 million people in this nation, and that bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and other destructive meals behaviors are not exclusive to the youth? These significant and often deadly afflictions have become a growing issue with midlife adults and old, often more difficult to detect as adults are anticipated to have it all together. Caring Online, the leading on the web resource for eating disorders, recognizes that disordered consuming can be hard to recognize in adults achieve .

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More than 100 of just one 1,600 Care Suggestions clients use CareWebQI interactive software program, whether through the web or locally installed. Combining its interactive caution management features with powerful new function data and queue integration tools makes CareWebQI Edition 1.9 one of the most useful clinical episode management applications available. While the flexible CareWebQI software program has made the Care Guidelines clinical content interactive and reportable constantly, this new version adds many of the workflow, security, data integration and quality measurement tools requested by clients. Medical Management Module This optionally licensed module supports management of day-to-time operational workflow and medical director-level reviews. The Medical Management Module carries a work queue to keep an eye on assigned patient episodes, and adds an activity list for users to make and manage reminders, follow-ups and additional care-continuum items.