And scale-up includes optimized proteins.

DIREVO Biotech AGDIREVO Biotech AG generated superior in biotechnology products and processes for industrial and pharmaceutical markets by the natural potential. And scale-up includes optimized proteins, optimized bioprocesses and other bio-molecules, in research, in commercial development and on the market. DIREVO develops products both independently and with global leaders such as Danisco / Genencor, AstraZeneca / MedImmune and Pfizer. DIREVO Biotech is a customized approach to addressing customer needs and market opportunities obliged..

Such patents protect key components unique and proven protein / strain engineering platform DIREVO. With this platform, DIREVO develops products both independently and global leaders such as AstraZeneca / MedImmune and Pfizer and Danisco / Genencor and Nestle? – ‘This is a very important milestone for the company, because DIREVO now owns essential parts of intellectual property protection of its technology,’said Dr. Thomas of the R, CEO of DIREVO? ‘This gives us a lot more flexibility in the company’s future business development, it legal persons legal persons spiders can to focus and adjust to further develop and use the technology in their own markets, ‘..Starting performed the age of 6 months to evaluate the mice a range of behavior functions over of about six months and of their impulsiveness, of attention, emotional control to and other mental skills. However this is found the unsupplemented Down syndrome – model mice repeat more excitedly after failure than normal mice will take longer takes longer the next trial the next trial. The choline supplements Down syndrome model of mice displayed partial improvement in these areas. ‘I am on the size of cognitive functions am observed in the Down syndrome model of mice impressed,’Strupp said. ‘Moreover, these are uniquely permanent cognitive improvements seen many months of the period Cholin supplementation. ‘.

‘We found that the addition of the maternal diet with additional choline resulted drama improvements in attention and some normalize emotional regulation in a mouse for Down syndrome,’said lead author Barbara Strupp, professor of nutritional sciences and psychology. – In addition to mental retardation approximately 4.5drome people often experience dementias in middle age suffered as a consequence of of cerebral neurones atrophy similar to people with Alzheimer. Frizzled said the improving the mental capacities was not found in Down syndrome mice following mother choline supplements to show purpose of removing these neurodegeneration ‘among the general population. ‘.