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And more recently, two retrospective studies have shown that breast and prostate cancer patients who were given regional rather than general anesthesia had fewer recurrences.Singleton said the two new studies indicate the mu opiate receptor, where morphine acts as a potential therapeutic target. He told the press that:. ‘If confirmed clinically, this could change, as we do anesthesia for our cancer patients,’He said the results also indicate potential new applications for a new type of drug that blocks the receptor.Moss to treat his patients with methylnaltrexone MNTX a drug of a drug that blocks morphine so that it could not get through the protective barrier that surrounds the brain.

The ideamote opiate analgesic spread of cancerNew research from the U.S. Adds weight to the growing body of evidence that opiate-based painkillers such as morphine, which has been used postoperative postoperative and chronic cancer pain for 200 years, to promote cancer cell grow and spread. If confirmed by clinical trials, these findings could be the kind of change anasthetics given cancer patients during surgery and the type of pain medication they are using it. – Two new studies, the last week in the Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, from the American Association for Cancer Research, the National Cancer Institute and the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer instead as shielding lung cancer cells from opiates reduces cell proliferation, invasion and migration in cell cultures and in mice..‘developing sensors that, sensitive enough the various phases of the different phases of several kidney diseases not only diagnosis, but also the ability high technology can monitor a patient’s response to medicines and lifestyle changes, ‘said Prof. Abassi.