American Heart Association: 81.

The researchers found: 65.8 % of the mothers surveyed were overweight or obese.38.9 % of children surveyed were obese or overweight.81.8 % of obese women underestimated their weight in comparison to 42.5 % of overweight and 13.2 % of normal weight women; similarly, 86 % of overweight or obese kids underestimated their weight in comparison to 15 % of normal pounds children. Of mothers with overweight or obese children, almost half thought their children were of normal weight.41.4 % of the young children in the study thought their moms should eliminate weight. These findings imply that not only is obesity prevalent in urban America, but that those most suffering from it are either unaware or underestimate their true weight, she said. In addition, obesity has become an acceptable norm in some grouped families.Conservative lawmakers in at least seven says have proposed laws and regulations that could prohibit state agencies and officials from assisting the government implement the federal government healthcare law and would authorize the condition's lawyer general to sue violators . The Associated Press/Washington Post: Md. Senate Advances Bill On Health Exchanges The Maryland Senate offers advanced a measure to supply insurance for those who were unable to sign up in the state's health exchange internet site due to computer problems. The Senate voted 36-8 past due Monday to adopt a good record on the measure. That pieces the stage for a vote Tuesday to send the bill to the home .