A Harvard University team of making a of making a supply of them from embryonic cells.

Ells are essentially the master cells of the developing fetus – and under the right conditions and stimulation transformed type of cell type of cell in the body.. Ear cells offer promise listenscientists have managed to key ear cells in the lab to produce – is raising hopes of treatments for age – related hearing loss.So-called hair cells to help pick up sound waves and transform them into nerve signals – their destruction over the years is a common cause of deafness.A Harvard University team of making a of making a supply of them from embryonic cells.It could eventually help produce drugs to improve hearing in many patients.Four out of five people over age 65 have some type of hearing loss, and this is caused in many cases by the loss of hair cells in the ear.People exposed to very loud noises on a frequent basis can their hearing for the same reason to lose at a much younger age.Until recently it was thought to have done little to help them, because the body can not repair or replace any of the 15,000 hair cells in each ear.To order GrownThe Harvard team carried out experiments on stem cells from a mouse embryo.

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