1 January 2006.

Humana plans to spend about $ 80 million this year to prepare and promote their new Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Humana efforts are a marketing and educational partnership with Wal-Mart. Cigna is expected Humanamated $ 40,000 to spend this year on preparations for its Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and Health Nation, a provider of prescription discount services joined forces their plan. Their plan. According to Aetna CEO Jack Rowe, the company has doubled its planned spending for the Medicare benefit to $ 50 million in 2005. Humana also combines more money than originally planned, Scott Latimer, the firm Medicare director, the increase in spending, with lower than expected premium due to competition was was the result of several insurers will be lower than expected, mean to Dow Jones / Journal.

In order to further explore the potential of saffron in preventing the development and progression of HCC was tHE used lesions to induce in rats, both benign and malignant tumors mimicking humans, the research team administered saffron to the animals. At 75mg/kg, 150 mg / kg and 300 mg / kg per day two weeks prior to DEN injection and continued the treatment for 22 weeks.In the pancreas.Afinitor targets mTOR, a protein which regulates the partition of tumor cells, growth of blood vessels and cell metabolism. Sources: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Apple Inc.

Hoppenot, President of Novartis Oncology, said:’With this approval, U.S. Physicians can offering their patients with progressive pancreatic NET provide a new treatment comply fulfill critical unmet need This is is the third indication of Afinitor in the U.S. Only. Years what years, which further evidence that inhibition mTOR plays a vital role in the management of various cancers. ‘.